"This is the best way to love. Put your life on the line for your friends."
John 15:13, The Message

That's pretty intense. Here at UMCPB, we are not asking you to put your life on the line, but we believe serving is the best way to communicate God's love to the world.

Do you want to bring a little more love and joy into the world?

Then find your place amongst our many serving opportunities to make a difference!

We serve our Family

There are numerous ways to serve your Church family. We divide up the ministry of the church into teams. You could choose to serve on any one of these teams: Congregational Care, Prayer Ministry, Worship Ministry, Discipleship Ministry, Missions Ministry, Finance Ministry, Communications Ministry, and Building and Grounds Ministry. Within each of those teams there are sub-teams. In other words, there are plenty of opportunities for you to serve here at UMCPB.


We serve our community

The aim of our service in the West Palm Beach Community is to introduce people to the love and kindness of Jesus by serving in the community. We do this through school partnerships, partnership with agencies, serving the homeless in our community, volunteering with our Feed the Hungry partners, and participating in gleaning projects alongside our friends at CROS Ministries. We are always increasing our outreach to West Palm Beach; maybe you can help us discover a new way to share?


We serve around the world

John Wesley once said, “The world was his parish.” We agree with that sentiment. We have partnership ministries in Haiti and in Cuba. We intend to strengthen those ministries. We also look forward to building relationships in other locations as well. Perhaps you have some suggestions?